CCS Tax, k.s. organizes, coordinates, conducts and procures professional services and service in the field of taxes, accounting, processing of wages and related economic administration as well as services pertaining to more extensive business consulting. The company provides its clients with reliable and timely information, advice and expert knowledge with quality guarantee. CCS Tax, k.s., as tax advisor – legal entity, is entered in the list of tax advisors kept by the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors (


We offer tax consulting with regard to the objectives and financing of clients´ projects as well as in terms of the conduction of common financial and economic administration of companies.

Scope of tax consulting

Our company provides tax consulting mainly in the following areas related to taxes in Slovakia:

  • corporate tax
  • income tax
  • value added tax
  • international taxation
  • tax optimization
  • tax due diligence
  • concise taxes
  • motor vehicle tax, property tax and other local taxes
  • social and health insurance for domestic and foreign natural persons and legal entities
  • consulting in customs matters
  • tax disputes and representation of clients in tax proceedings.


Tax law

  • preparation of expert stances on clients´ problems in all areas of tax law
  • tax aspects of transfers of land ownership rights
  • tax aspects of privatization processes and tax due diligence
  • assessment of business contracts from the point of view of taxes
  • individual solutions to clients´ tax matters


International taxation:

  • international tax planning with focus on the efficiency and optimum taxation of holding structures
  • complex assessment of cross-border transactions from the point of view of income tax and value added tax
  • establishment and taxation of permanent establishments in Slovakia
  • consulting activity in the area of transfer pricing, drawing up of transfer pricing documentation
  • consulting in the field of tax aspects of the entry of foreign investors into Slovakia
  • taxation of expatriates and experts in the territory of Slovakia


Administration of taxes and charges:

  • production of a tax calendar and management of tax payments
  • representation in tax proceedings encompassing particularly the conduction of related administration of respective tax administrators and participation in tax audits on behalf of the client
  • preparation of appeals against decisions of the tax administrator, including extraordinary remedies
  • representation of the client in other matters related to taxes and social and health insurance contributions


Corporate acquisitions and restructuring:

  • complex taxation in terms of domestic and international transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and restructuring
  • taxation of holdings, including tax issues of project and structural financing
  • conduction of tax and accounting due diligence
  • analysis of tax connections of acquisition or, as the case may be, restructuring process
  • support within the creation of models optimal from the viewpoint of taxes
  • support in tax aspects of corporate transaction financing


State aid:

  • conduction of consulting in the field of state aid, predominantly in the form of tax relief
  • representation of the client in negotiations about the granting of state aid and investment incentives
  • preparation of opinions in the area of state aid in terms of privatization processes
  • preparation of applications for the granting of state aid and investment projects
  • consulting in the field of accessibility of state aid according to European law

Bookkeeping for companies and entrepreneurs

The content of provided services comprises the keeping of accounting records in the system of double-entry bookkeeping in the environment of accounting software with parameters of enterprise resource planning.

Bookkeeping for companies and entrepreneurs

Our company provides complex services of an external economic office (outsourcing of bookkeeping and reporting). Thanks to a qualified and professional team, we are able to provide our clients with a wide range of services in the area of bookkeeping:

  • accounting of book entries in double-entry bookkeeping – drawing up of an accounting document and formal check of documents entering the bookkeeping, fulfilment of accounting record requirements from the point of view of accounting and taxes, account assignment, entries in software records
  • drawing up of an overview of monthly results and their concise evaluation
  • drawing up of regular obligatory reports and statements for the Statistical Office and National Bank of Slovakia
  • archiving of documents in accordance with valid legislation related to archiving
  • conduction of accounting consultancy that includes consultations on non-standard accounting cases and accounting methodology
  • drawing up of ordinary, interim or extraordinary financial statement for preceding accounting period in accordance with valid Slovak regulations
  • drawing up of the overview of unsettled liabilities and receivables according to suppliers and customers and their maturity
  • cash management
  • cooperation on the inventory of company assets – methodological management, preparation of documentation for document inventory
  • transformation of Slovak accounting standards to IAS/IFRS,
  • drawing up of IFRS reports for the purposes of parent company consolidation


Processing of wages and remunerations, including social and health insurance contributions, keeping of wage and personnel records, clearance of income tax from employment.

Wages and personnel administration

The company CCS Tax, k.s. carries out complex services in the field of wage processing, the keeping of wage administration and the execution of obligations in the area of health and social insurance. In this area we provide the following services:

  • calculation of wage for workers with employment contracts
  • calculation of remuneration for employees with service agreements
  • calculation of remuneration for members of the statutory body
  • execution of the duty to register in and deregister from respective health insurance companies and social insurance company
  • support in connection with the establishment and termination of employment relationship
  • processing of statutory statements for the purposes of employee records
  • preparation of reports and statements on income tax from employment
  • conduction of annual accounts of prepayments of income tax from employment
  • provision of personnel and wage consulting
  • representation of the employer before social security and health insurance authorities
  • professional support in fulfilling employee´s and employer ´s obligations as regards international leasing of workforce and delegation of employees

Related services for entrepreneurs:

Through cooperation in terms of CCS Group we provide a wide range of related services for entrepreneurs.

Related services for entrepreneurs:

The advantage of our company is that, through own capacities and in cooperation with our partners, we are capable of providing and procuring complex services for entrepreneurs in universal extent:

  • provision of registered office of a company and conduction of related administration (including mail processing)
  • provisions of premises for business negotiations
  • complex administrative services
  • document archiving services and archive stock administration
  • appraisal and expert activities linked with the evaluation of company assets
  • translation and interpreting services
  • financial statement audit in accordance with Slovak legislation,
  • legal consulting concerning local as well as international transactions and plans
  • acquisitions and restructuring of enterprises, other corporate transactions

Consulting for entrepreneurs

Expert teams of economic and legal advisors provide support in a great variety of business situations and solutions to practical issues with the aim of achieving efficient management and operation of undertakings and optimising business activity.

Consulting for entrepreneurs

Experts from respective fields will provide you with business support with the aim of taking advantage of beneficial and efficient solutions for your undertaking. We provide consulting for domestic entrepreneurs as well as foreign investor in the following areas:

  • expert teams of economic and legal advisors provide support within a wide range of entrepreneurial situations
  • organizational consulting
  • general business consulting
  • foundation of companies and acquisition of participations and shares,
  • consulting regarding the acquisitions, consolidation, merger, split-up and winding up of companies
  • drawing up of business plans or financial plans
  • processing of the analysis of economic and financial situations of undertakings