CCS Tax, k.s. provides, coordinates, conducts and procures professional services in the field of taxes accounting and wage processing, including related economic and wage administration, as well as services pertaining to a wide range of business, organizational and economic consulting.
Our company can help and advise you in the following areas:

Tax consulting

We offer tax consulting with regard to the objectives and financing of clients´ projects as well as in terms of the conduction of common financial and economic administration of companies.

Consulting for entrepreneurs

Expert teams of economic and legal advisors provide support in a great variety of business situations and solutions to practical issues with the aim of achieving efficient management and operation of undertakings and optimising business activity.


The content of provided services comprises the keeping of accounting records in the system of double-entry bookkeeping in the environment of accounting software with parameters of enterprise resource planning.

Related services for entrepreneurs

Through cooperation in terms of CCS Group we provide a wide range of related services for entrepreneurs.


Processing of wages and remunerations, including social and health insurance contributions, keeping of wage and personnel records, clearance of income tax from employment.