About us

The company CCS Tax, k.s. is Slovak consulting firm established in 2009 through the restructuring of the company CCS Consulting, s.r.o. as independent company. CCS Tax, k.s. is an integrated part of CCS Group, in terms of which it ensures the conduction of tax consulting, the processing of double- entry bookkeeping and extensive economic administration for clients throughout Slovakia. CCS Group as domestic business group has been operating in Slovakia in the field of economic and legal consulting and has been providing its services to domestic entrepreneurs as well as foreign investors for more than 20 years.


CCS Tax, k.s. coordinates, conducts and procures professional services and servicesin the field of taxes, accounting, wage processing and related economic administration, as well as services pertaining to a wider range of business consulting. The company provides its clients with reliable and timely information, advice and expert knowledge with quality guarantee. CCS Tax, k.s., as tax advisor – legal entity, is entered in the list of tax advisors kept by the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors (www.skdp.sk), Licence Number: 87/2009.


In the area of legal consulting the company CCS Tax, k.s. directly cooperates with the law firm Ružička Csekes s.r.o., which is, as associated office, a part of international CMS Alliance of prominent European companies providing legal and tax consulting (www.cmslegal.com).


Companies operating in the area of commerce, production, services, development, real estate projects are among our clients. We´ve been representing clients from engineering and pharmaceutical industry as well as financial and insurance institutions.